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The MUSIC WITH MUMMY programme will take your child on a musical journey from birth, all the way through the pre-school ages. The structured weekly music classes use baby songs and fun activities for children to encourage listening and social skills, so essential not only in music but in all other areas of learning. They will develop a sense of rhythm, which will also help with learning and speech development. The fabulous music and songs for babies and children are an eclectic mixture of traditional tunes that are unique to our delightful programme. Watch your child grow in confidence as they come each week and take part in our small, friendly classes full of music, educational games and fun activities.
If you are interested in getting your child involved with MUSIC with MUMMY, you can find your nearest class by entering your postcode into the POSTCODE search facility, or feel free to contact us for more details.

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Our Recent Testimonials

Jolly Babies – a great class to attend and to introduce your baby to music and all the favourite nursery rhymes plus some new ones. I took my Son when he was just over a month old, now at 10 months we are still singing all the songs at home and I would say that Jolly Babies helped to introduce clapping in time to the rhythm. He loves music and its great to mix with other babies and play with some Bears and use instruments. Hannah is great and makes it a joy to attend.
I brought my son Alex to Anne-marie as a baby to Jolly Babies. He progressed to Music with Mummy then Three-Four Time. The classes are always fantastic and educational. My daughter Natasha now comes to Three-Four Time and really enjoys the classes too. Anne-marie is inspirational!

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