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Music With Mummy Video
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Welcome to Music with Mummy

The Music with Mummy programme will take your child on a musical journey from birth, all the way through the pre-school ages. The structured weekly music classes use baby songs and fun activities for children to encourage listening and social skills, so essential not only in music but in all other areas of learning. They will develop a sense of rhythm, which will also help with learning and speech development.

The fabulous music and songs for babies and children are an eclectic mixture of traditional tunes that are unique to our delightful programme. Watch your child grow in confidence as they come each week and take part in our small, friendly classes full of music, educational games and fun activities.

If you are interested in getting your child involved with Music with Mummy, you can find your nearest class by clicking the Find a Class page, or feel free to contact us for more details.

Jolly Babies

The start of our musical journey.
 It’s astonishing how much fun we can have during our half hour music sessions!  We will wave and clap, sing and dance, wiggle and giggle!  Simple percussion becomes a favourite, as do the bouncing songs,  bubbles and dances. Our small classes offer a wonderful opportunity for baby bonding and making new friends whilst having FUN!

Music with Mummy

MUSIC with MUMMY is a structured programme of weekly classes for pre-school children aged three and under. Its main aim is to teach basic aspects of music to young children, while having fun. Each half term the children are introduced to a different learning concept through a new theme in the songs, games and activities. The material has been specially composed to gently direct these very young children towards our clearly defined objectives.

 Three Four Time

THREE FOUR TIME, as its name implies, is designed for 3 and 4 year olds. Sessions are held weekly and last for 45 minutes. The children attend without an adult, thus gaining initial preparation for the giant step of starting “BIG” school. As with all our programmes, class sizes are small.

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