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Music with Mummy

MUSIC with MUMMY, established in 1992, provides a musical education through active play for the pre-school child. It is run by carefully selected franchisees, who are trained to use the material and deliver the educational games and songs specially prepared for their very young pupils. The music is drawn from a mix of old favourites (nursery rhymes, folk songs etc) and original baby songs specifically aimed at the youngest of children.

The full programme is made up of three streams:
From Birth – Jolly Babies
15 Months – Music with Mummy
3 – Three Four Time

Discerning parents always choose our programmes because of their carefully structured educational games, songs, and content. Use our POST CODE search facility to find your local franchisee, who will be able to give you details of classes in your area.

All franchisees hold enhanced DBS certificates and their own public liability insurance.

What Our Classes Are About

Jolly Babies

Small weekly sessions for groups of 8 babies up to 1 year of age, along with their special adult. You could be forgiven for thinking, ”What can they possibly teach babies who are under a year old?”. This is a very understandable reaction, but anyone who has ever witnessed a Jolly Babies class soon realises the effective way it stimulates these receptive young minds with songs for babies.

Music with Mummy

Music with Mummy is a structured programme of weekly classes for pre-school children aged three and under. Its main aim is to teach basic aspects of music to young children, while having fun. Each half term the children are introduced to a different learning concept through a new theme in the songs, games and activities. The material has been specially composed to gently direct these very young children towards our clearly defined objectives.

Three Four Time

Three Four Time, as its name implies, is designed for 3 and 4 year olds. Sessions are held weekly and last for 45 minutes. The children attend without an adult, thus gaining initial preparation for the giant step of starting “big” school. As with all our programmes, class sizes are small.

Parent’s Testimonials
Music with Mummy Parent

The classes really have been a lifeline for us. R just loves his music, singing and playing instruments and we've now managed to get Daddy singing the songs whilst doing the washing up.

Music with Mummy Parent
 The classes are small, friendly and really good fun, with lots of singing, actions and dancing. There is a good structure to the session and enough repetition to help the little ones learn and feel at ease.’ "My little girl learns things like taking turns and tidying up as well as the brilliant rhymes and songs which are really useful at home too. I would thoroughly recommend both Jolly Babies and Music with Mummy.